I just watched an inspirational speech from Ashton Kutcher. He’s not the usual inspirational speaker but I guess the fact he’s starring as Steve himself in the upcoming movie about Steve Jobs might already be a sign.. There’s an interesting thread on Quora on “Is Ashton Kutcher as intelligent in person as he seems on Quora?“, and generally speaking Ashton has insightful answers on different topics.

[…] His perspective is that of a exceptionally smart, intuitive outsider looking in to Silicon Valley, and smelled distinctly different from the usual echo chambery platitudes that passes for insight in most of Silicon Valley. That perspective gives him a unique advantage as an investor, and his portfolio speaks for itself. […]

Siqi Chen, on Quora

So here is the video of the speech. If you can listen past the (annoying) teenage girls wooing in the middle of every sentence of his, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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